Series 1
burn Challenge -
end of 2022

end of year burn challenge

The Burn Tool is back for the End of Year Burn Challenge, inviting Collectors to burn Contender Moments to earn Series 0 Fully Loaded Packs and a NEW Glover Teixeira Moment! See below for details...
Challenge Deadline
tuesday, December 27 @ 11 am PT

burn challenge



earn series 0 packs plus a glover teixeira moment
There are four paths to GLORY/Reward(s)!  Burn 5, 10, 15, or 20 Contender Moments to earn the corresponding Rewards! Only Moments burned during this Challenge will be counted. Rewards do not stack; Collectors can only qualify for one of the four Reward Pools. Max four (4) Fully Loaded Packs per Collector. Max one (1) Glover Teixieira Moment per Collector.

The Deadline

final snapshot on TUEs, dec 27 @ 11AM PT
Complete this challenge by 11AM PT on Tuesday, December 27, or earlier, to qualify for the final reward snapshot. Please burn 5 Contender Moments, 10 Contender Moments, 15 Contender Moments, or 20 Contender Moments by the deadline.
Challenge Closed


Max four packs, one glover moment
We will mint one Glover Teixeira Moment for every Collector who burns 20 Contender Moments during the Challenge Window. The Rarity Tier will be determined by the following breakdowns if: 0-249 Collectors complete the 20x burn, the Moment will be minted into the Fandom Tier; if 250-2,500, the Reward will be Challenger Tier; if 2501-4,999, the Reward will be Fandom Tier; if 5,000+, the Reward will be Contender Tier.