Series 1
First of Fall Burn Challenge

Burn Challenge

Make your voice heard, fight fans. VOTE NOW for which fighter you want us to mint as The First of Fall Challenge Reward! Then EARN the Moment that gets the most votes! You must have a UFC Strike Account for your vote to be qualified.
Voting Deadline
Monday, OCTOBER 10 @ 11 am PT
Challenge Deadline
tuesday, OCTOBER 11 @ 11 am PT

Champion Club Pass (max 1 per collector)Own ANY 1 of the following Champion Moments (1 Total Moment)

reward1 Fan Vote Fandom Moment, max 1 per collector

What is a Burn challenge

Hybrid Challenges give Collectors the opportunity to get rewarded for holding certain Moments and for permanently removing Moments from circulation. Collectors who meet the Burn Requirement will earn one Fandom Moment, pending the Fan Vote. The Burn Requirement must be completed only once! Max One (1) Reward per Collector.

The Deadline

You must complete this challenge by 11am PT on Tuesday, October 11, or earlier to ensure you qualify to win the reward. Voting ends 24 hours prior to the snapshot deadline
Challenge Closed
Voting Ends: MON, OCT 10 @ 11AM PT
Challenge Deadline: TUEs, OCT 11 @ 11AM PT


Please make sure you submit your vote before the voting deadline. Voting does not earn a user a Moment. Rather the vote is ONLY to determine the prize for those who complete the First of Fall Burn Challenge.

Voting is not required to complete the Challenge and earn the Reward. Please burn the required Moments at the Burn Tool prior to the Challenge Deadline.
Snapshot will be taken on Tuesday, Oct 11 at 11 AM PT. The Burn Tool will be active until that deadline.