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UFC 280 -
Collection Challenge

UFC 280 Collection Challenge

Celebrate Saturday’s epic UFC 280 with a Collection Challenge where you, the fan, needs to choose the fighter you think will win the UFC 280 Main Event. The Reward? An officially-licensed Fandom Moment from the winner of Charles Oliveira vs. Islam Makhachev. 
Challenge Deadline
Tuesday, OCTOBER  25 @ 11 am PT

collection CHALLENGE

Dependent on the UFC 280 main event outcome…

reward1 Fandom Moment from the UFC 280 Main Event Winner, max 1 per collector

What is a challenge?

Challenges give Collectors the opportunity to get rewarded for holding certain Moments. Collectors who meet the Collection Requirement will earn one Fandom Moment, pending the result of UFC 280.

The Deadline

Challenge Closed
Deadline: TUESday, OCT 25 @ 11AM PT
Please complete the Challenge Criteria by this time if you wish to receive the Reward. You may complete both Collection Criteria but only one Reward per Collector max.

if no winner...

If a draw, no contest, or fight cancellation occurs in the UFC 280 Main Event, Collectors who complete the Collection Challenge will be given a voting ballot to choose between Charles Oliveira or Islam Makhachev as the Fandom Moment Reward. The voting majority will determine which Moment is minted and rewarded.
Challenge Snapshot will be taken on Tuesday, Oct 25 at 11 AM PT to determine who has completed the necessary Collection Criteria to earn the Reward. We will update Collectors with the results of the UFC 280 Main Event. Read more at the Blog!